EdgePerformance AS
  • 912/914 Performance upgrades

    We specialize in fuel injection conversions, performance upgrades and complete modern powerful engines.
  • Power your electronics

    With our 32A Alternator you never run out of power
  • EP912STi
    ‚ÄčAll the Power you will need

    154HP /182NM power to be used in any 912/914 powered aircraft!

Best Power To Weight Ratio Aero Engines

Ever since we where established in 2007 we have constantly been improving and optimizing our products and designs. We are also pilots who fly behind every single product we develop before it is released to the public. This ensures that our products meets or exceeds the customers expectations. All our products are developed, tested and assembled in-house to ensure propper quality. We take great pride in our products and always strive to improve our designs.

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