EdgePerformance AS

32Amp Alternator Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the alternator fit on my airframe?

A: It fits on most applications, and it also clears the Rotax ring mount. It is fully compatible with our EFI system incorporating crankshaft hall sensor and trigger wheel.   

Q: What needs to be done to fit it onto my existing engine?

A: Nothing really, it bolts right on. All you need to do is to run a few wires from the stator to the regulator/rectifier, and to the battery or charging bus.   

Q: Does it add a lot of weight?

A: The complete set weighs in at 2547 grams including the regulator/rectifier.

Q: Does it replace the stock 20A alternator?

A: No, this bolts on as an extension and further increases the charging capacity from 20A to 52A total. You also get the benefit of two totally independent system, and more than 20A charging capacity at idle. Perfect for any high consuming and/or IFR application.