EdgePerformance AS

EP Aero Conversion Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What engine conversions do you currently offer?

A: We offer many versions ranging from 80HP all the way up to 177HP. The simplest engine conversion being a 912UL fitted with EFI. The top of the line engine is the well-known and proven EP912STi which is capable of 135-177HP. The standard setup is 154HP/182NM   

Q: What about warranty on your engines?

A: Performance enhancing products does not come with a warranty. Our EFI kits comes with 5 years component warranty. The warranty does not cover damages caused on the engine. We do however offer 12 months or 100hrs warranty on factory-new engines built in-house.

Q: What is the weight saving of our EFI kit?

A:  The weight saving with our EFI kits is averaging 2kg lighter than carburettors.

Q: What is the weight of the EP912STi?

A: The dry weight is only 68Kg, being 4Kg lighter than a 914 and 16Kg lighter than the new 915iS.