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Turbocharging Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why install a turbocharger?

A: A turbo charger will give your engine many benefits. The take-off power will increase drastically, climb rate and cruise speeds also improve vastly. The engine will not lose power as you climb up to altitude where the air is less dense. This again will result in reduced drag on the airframe, and an increase in TAS. The turbo is only engaged when the engine is running boosted above 30In/Hg and it spins a turbine by using the engines waste exhaust gasses. The turbocharger is common on almost all vehicles today, and it is an old proven design also for use in aviation. The boost is also easy to control with a wastegate servo, controlled by the engines ECU.

Q: How do I control the level or amount of boost being produced?

A: A turbocharger has a built in internal wastegate (bypass valve) which allows the exhaust gasses from the engine to bypass the turbine. The valve will control how fast the turbine wheel spins, which again drives the compressor wheel which compresses the ambient air and generates boost. The wastegate valve can either by actuated by a vacuum actuator, or by an electrical servo like on the 914. We offer both solutions. For the pilot the boost is simply controlled by the amount of throttle applied. More throttle equals more boost, and less throttle will give you a lower manifold air pressure. As simple as that!

Q: Will it work with EFI?

A: Yes, is will work in combination with our EFI kits   

Q: How does the oil lubrication work on your turbo systems?

A: We use our own EP oil scavenge pumps which bolts on as an extension to the stock oil pumps. The turbo then has a scavenge oil sump mounted on the turbo center section. The oil is fed from the oil pump to the turbo through a check-valve, it then drains into the scavenge sump, and then get sucked from the sump and forced back into the dry-sump oil tank. In other words, just like on the 914, but with some custom parts designed and made by us.   

Q: Will the turbo system work with carburetors?

A: Yes, it will, but we do currently not offer a kit for it. It will likely be available soon. The turbo systems are intended for use in combination with our EFI system.   

Q: Do I need to be concerned with added heat buildup under my cowling and cooling system?

A: This depends from installation to installation, but most aircraft manufactures support the installation of 914 to their airframes, therefor you might be better off by consulting with the aircraft manufacture to see whether or not they do any changes to water and oil coolers, cowling inlets and outlets etc.